gyanbadao says we are above IITians  has been dedicated to those who work hard for DOE courses. I know and they know that it is not only hard to clear DOE examination but also it is hard to prepare which IITians don’t need to worry about.

It is not to say IIT is small, It is to say that DOE is bigger and I will show you how at

So stay tune and focus on positive achievements that we can make through.

Operation: Gyan Badao!!

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent any view in any way. I am not liable for anything, anyway.

DOE B level project Synopsis Template

Luckily I’ve not been so bad in making documentation and thank you to my bums who have allowed me to stay overnight and work hard in front of the computer, and Microsoft Word 🙂

Regardless of what the history say, live in present guys and sharing is caring.
Here I am presenting you the template for the synopsis that you might find it useful to submit your synopsis for A or B level.

Remember, copy is okay as long as you know what you’re copying and confident to know what it is about.

Any comments welcome.

download synopsis

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent any view in any way. I am not liable for anything, anyway.

B level, July 2010 Result – God tune kya kaha!

I don’t know what will be the result
I don’t know what god has think about it …                 

but one thing I remembered that god has told me that…

Whatever you like whatever you do whatever you have done, if there was any spirit, if there was a hard work, if there is something that you really want to achieve I will give you. 
But you have to promise me that “You will not request me, tell me, ask me or beg me that what I will select for you: “SUCCESS” or “UNSUCCESS”.
Okay God! I know you are watching me and I know you told me this and I’d always respected for and stood well with SUCCESS as well as UNSUCCESS. I will not cry for this time as well. 
Friends, time is coming when my final year exam result will be declared and it is an very important event that will define my 5 years of efforts. If I succeed then it means a new challenge needs to be accepted and run through the life cycle of achievement. If I’m not succeeded then it means I’m lucky that I’ve got a chance to improve.
It might be so easy for me to say that “losing” is easy to accept but one has to see the positive side, stood up, face and conquer. That is what the human being has been doing so far.
Doeaccians, The department of electronics ( will be releasing b level July 2010 result by the end of September and remember that either success or unsuccess, both are going to give you something back. Take that and move forward… 
Bhagwan is watching you very well!
Operation Gyan Badao

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent any view in any way. I am not liable for anything, anyway. in a new word; courtesy Vikram – the founder.

It has been quite a while that our family has moved to the new space in the Internet with the address called It has been so exciting and wonderful thing that our respect Mr. Vikram Solia has done for us.

It is now our time to think about how to extend our space so that we can take more people on board.

Now here I am, giving 2 cents that we need to move on to the new template that can make our new portal more attractive

Please do give your suggestion on this.


Goal Map – Computer Based Statistical & Numerical Techniques

The reason why many fail in life is that they have no plan of action that can take them from their dreams and insure a future of happiness and prosperity.

In this part of blogging I am going to share my own goal map that I am defining to achieve this exam… if you are on same position, please share your thoughts and let us just achieve.

“Computer Based Statistical & Numerical Techniques” (CBSNT) Course.

The entire course is divided in two two categories:

1) Numerical Techniques
2) Statistical Techniques.

In this blog I’m going to define the road map and the path I’m going to follow for this exam, which is going to be on 11 April 2010, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

Numerical Techniques can be explained very well from Mr. Autar video that he has explained every concepts very well with fair examples. He has also given notes on his blog.

You can find all his videos at
and notes can be found at

Goal Map:

  • Data Representation – ignored because since 90’s DOE has never asked any question.
  • System of Linear Algebraic Equations – 25 April 2010
  • Interpolation – 26 April 2010
  • Numerical Integration – 26 April 2010
Statistical Techniques:

As per the Amazon reviews, I’ve found the “Statisticsbook written by Freedman, Pisani, Purves. It has explained the statistics without using any mathematical terms. While I’d only read the first chapter, I’ve found this book interesting because the humor is used, which has made it interesting to read this further. Even though this book has got 506 pages I’m expecting to finish this within a month, along with the course contents.

I’m also following couple of more books:

  • Probability & Statistics for Engineers, by Irwin Miller.
  • Head first statistics.
  • S.C. Gupta Fundamental of Statistics.

Goal Map:

Probability Theory – 27th – 30th April