B level, July 2010 Result – God tune kya kaha!

I don’t know what will be the result
I don’t know what god has think about it …                 

but one thing I remembered that god has told me that…

Whatever you like whatever you do whatever you have done, if there was any spirit, if there was a hard work, if there is something that you really want to achieve I will give you. 
But you have to promise me that “You will not request me, tell me, ask me or beg me that what I will select for you: “SUCCESS” or “UNSUCCESS”.
Okay God! I know you are watching me and I know you told me this and I’d always respected for and stood well with SUCCESS as well as UNSUCCESS. I will not cry for this time as well. 
Friends, time is coming when my final year exam result will be declared and it is an very important event that will define my 5 years of efforts. If I succeed then it means a new challenge needs to be accepted and run through the life cycle of achievement. If I’m not succeeded then it means I’m lucky that I’ve got a chance to improve.
It might be so easy for me to say that “losing” is easy to accept but one has to see the positive side, stood up, face and conquer. That is what the human being has been doing so far.
Doeaccians, The department of electronics (doeacc.edu.in) will be releasing b level July 2010 result by the end of September and remember that either success or unsuccess, both are going to give you something back. Take that and move forward… 
Bhagwan is watching you very well!
Operation Gyan Badao

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