Browsemate – Search made easy in your open tabs, bookmark and history

Have you ever been in any situation, when you wanted to search for open – tab within your chrome windows or you are facing problem in finding the website you had visited earlier! Then this plugin is the correct choice for you.

With the help of this plugin you can search for a link in your open tabs, saved bookmarks and even your browser history.

You can search by page title, or a URL/link.

How to use it?

We have provided you the Browsemate search in your browser address bar or you can use this feature through a popup window, by pressing an icon on your browse right top corner.

Address Bar:

Type “bm <search criteria>” in your address bar and it will make all the similar links visible.

Popup Windows:

Click on browsemate icon, presented next to your address bar, and then type your search criteria. You can even use arrow keys.