How do I manage Time?

All, I am sharing my deep secret about how I manage my time.

This is the chart that you can use it to arrange your priority.

The best is to write down this in the night for every morning.

continued… Doeaccians – Preparation for Statistical EXam and recommended books

In my previous post of statistical I have explained you guys about what you need to do for CBSNT and I did promise you about to tell you a another book.
This book is for those who don’t like mathematics. IT is very very easy to understand and you will just love it. If you don’t then I am not amit! :) – just joking …
so here is the… for more please read our new website blog at:

Doeaccians – Preparation for Statistical EXam and recommended books

It is quite difficult sometime to find which book is good and what is the right way to approach for the exam. preparation.

Well here I am starting the steps on clearing computer based statistical & numerical techniques. I am assuming here that you don’t have enough time and probably you might have any knowledge to mathematics.
By the way, before we discuss about preparation technique, I would like to highlight one thing that – DOEACC is following a pattern for this paper. In Question No. 1 you will get 2 questions for Numerical Analysis and Question No. 2 entirely belongs to Numerical Analysis. So, you will get 26 marks from Numerical and the rest of the questions will be from Statistics.
I suggest to have depth knowledge in Numerical and if you can get 26 out of 26 from the Numerical part, the entire paper will be quite easier for you.
Well whatever my observation is above does not mean that I am always right :) 
Numerical techniques:
In this part of the examination, you will need to learn about how to calculated the big polynomial and also you can use the simpson’s to calculate integration/ area within the curve.
This section is also talking about Matrics.
So if you are well aware about Integration, polynomial and Matrics calculation, you have a benefit to achieve this section much faster. If you don’t then I recommend you to go through with this idea from R.S. Agrawal or through the youtube tutorials at
You will find tens of thousands of, very easy to understand tutorial, but you should concentrate on only those that you need to learn to understand.
In the next section of the blog series I will post some of my very important notes that I have used to make during the exam. So stay tuned.
Recommended Books/ notes:
My notes ( will be posting soon)
Videos (
Computer Based Statistical
Now it is again quite logical yet less mathematical question based section. In this section all you need to know is which statistics function you should apply.  Now you might find it there are tones of thousands of different type of statistics/ probably section that has mentioned in your syllabus. 
Well if you want you can do all of them but if you are like me than you might want to follow the following steps:
– Understand what is probability
– What is the difference between probability and statistics.
  • bayes theorm,
  • Marginal distributions, Conditional Distributions.
  • Chi square Distribution
  • Normal Distribution
  • Binomial & Poisson Distribution
  • t-distribution,
  • F-distribution
  • Central limit Theorem.
  • Hypothesis testing (all).
You might think that I’ve included everything but hang on! It is not true. There is an estimation, there is bernoullie, exponential, gamma etc… you don’t need to understand how to use them but you MUST remember their formulas that I will also post them soon.
Recommended Books:
Don’t get a trap on “Schaum’s Easy Outline of Probability and Statistics Crash Course” this is the one of the book you might want to consider it when you have an expeirence with the course already. You can use this as a reference but not for purely preparation.
Some might say you about “Mathematical Statistics – S.C. Gupta & V.K. Kapoor – Sultan Chand & Sons“. Folks, it might be easy for you to follow if you are studying through some institute but if you are doing the same thing with yourself, I doubt if it is a right choice. In this book you will learn so much that you don’t need it and it does not talk about practical scenarios.
You should look for the book which gives you practical from the day one. And I will recommend you to buy Problem solver, statistics.
There is another book that I’ve used is called — ahh I don’t remember the name I will post the book name tomorrow, for sure!!!

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DOEACC project 'O', 'A' and 'B': How to write requirement specification?

Writing system requirement specification is the main and the first thing that you do when developing any software.At least, if you are not using Agile methodology then that is the way to go.

Create a SRS document and  then get an approval and then move on to the technical designing so on on on on ….

What you should understand is that the SRS should be:

a) Correct
b) Unambiguous
c) Complete
d) Consistent
e) Ranked for importance and/or stability
f) Verifiable
g) Modifiable
h) Traceable

But what is specification? 

In computer science, a formal specification is a mathematical description of software or hardware that may be used to develop an implementation. It describes what the system should do, not (necessarily) how the system should do it. 
You can download the specification template that I’ve used to describe about what I am going to develop in my various different projects.

Download: Specification Template 

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Working full-time? Need to clear exam? You need Time management


It is quite well known that some of us are already working in some company and at the same time we are struggling to finish DOEACC courses.

I’ve been in this situation many times and I’ve struggled to maintain a high esteem in my job as well as preparing for the examination. The preparation of the exams will depends on how much you have already known for the subject. So I will divide the examinations into two types:

1. Experienced exams

2. NO experienced exams

Experienced Exams

I’d been lucky to find the job in software development @ 2002, and being in this Industry for years and years, it have gave me a natural strength to prepare some of the DOEACC exams. Such exams can be noted as Project Management, e-commerce, networking and security, C++, ODBMS programming etc…

I’ve been very pleased to work in such examination preparation with the following methods:

– Get a list of suggested books from the DOEACC.

– Arrange a book from libraries, online libraries or from the book shop.

– Get a syllabus from the DOEACC website

– Start from the subject, mentioned in the syllabus and read about it from the Book.

– Create notes.

Once you are ready with the notes, you must go through and refresh your memory, after every week/ or bi-monthly. If it is theoretical exam then you do need to do writing practice.

This writing practice might feel you funny but I must mention here that it is important that we take this step very seriously because I’d a very bad experience with Networking and Mobile communication examination.

I’d failed this examination 2 times and later I’d realized that even though I’ve good notes, prepared from 4 books (you can buy those by writing me), it is not helping me much in when the time is to write answer in the exam. So it is always advisable that to “learn from others mistake”.

Guys, do read but always write the stuff as well. So practice.

No Experienced exams

Such exams are those where we don’t have prior experience nor any knowledge from the school. To me such exams are C++, C, Data Structure, Basic Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting.

Well to me it has been a very hard to clear these exams and I was very lucky to get a good teacher for C++, C, Data Structure. However, for Mathematics, statistics I was not that lucky.

So what should be the way?

– Practice, Practice, Practice

It does not matter what you do, what you are doing, or what you will do.

Such exams can only be cleared through practice. For more on how I’ve prepared for C, please refer this link:

For mathematics, please refer this link:

Another thing that you must care about is the time management and here is the tips link: Time Management Tips

Here are some excel sheet that I’ve used to track my preparation and also with weekly time management tracking.

Week Time Management sheet

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How I've prepared for DOEACC Basic Mathematics Exam.

I’m not from Maths background and I’d last saw maths in 1996.

This was my first attempt for Basic Mathematics and I’d to take a long break from the job. I did not worked for almost 2 months and just studied Maths. The reason I am telling you is that Basic mathematics can be hard for the person like me who was never good at Mathematics and never saw mathematics for last 14 years.

Actions taken by me:

From March 2009 till Oct 2009, studied myself from Class XI , X, XII NCRT books. You can download these very easily from the Internet. Side by side , use reference book to understand the problem and the solution.

Keep doing practice.

Make a list of formula and paste it on the wall. Whenever you will get the time just read them. I’d someone here who always motivate me to keep going because it can be very frustrating too.

Then after Nov 2009, I was not working and I’d tutor to explain me and give me his 10-15 years of knowledge in 2 months.

Keep doing practice. Ask only those questions to the tutor that you cannot solve yourself.

I’ve almost studied 12-15 hours a day , could not bath , could not even like to see the sun. Just sitting in the room.

Regardless of what grade I will get in this exam, I’m happy that I’ve achieved this. I’m happy that I’ve studied enough on things that I used to see and get cranky.

I’m not affraid of this subject any more

Now I know

Trigno, Matrices, Differentials, Integration, oh just almost everything…

Thank you very much for DOEACC to build people’s ground and that is why this course is competing with IITians.

Okay , coming back to your question:

Take NCERT first’ depending upon which subject you want to read.
Take R.S. Aggrawal of XI, XII.

Practice Practice Practice.

Whenever the negative feeling will come that you cannot do it. just smash your hand on your thigh and say hey I CAN DO THAT!!!

and then dammate do it. !!!

I think I will just shut my mouth now 😉

Operation: Gyan Badao

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PTU, SMU degrees are valid for DOEACCians? Only god knows, not Indians!

Here we are in the 22nd century, but fighting for the rights that we MUST have long time ago. Whatever the history has done to us, it cannot be changed.

We were gulam of outsiders, and now we are gulam of:

– Corruption
– Gandhi Giri
– Literate = Illiterate

Folks, I am not here to discuss any political matter but I am trying to link here how the governance that we have in our own country is affecting our future. We all know about corruption and gandhi giri stuff, so I will not waste my time to explain on these but for the last point “Literate = Illiterate” you must read this below:

It has been asked so many time in DOEACC forums, such as that whether we are allowed to do degree courses through literal entries, provided by PTU, SMU. Many of us have done courses and many of us have succeed. But when the question comes on recognition, we are still not clear???!!!

To whom we should ask this question?


In India, either we are literate or illiterate, it is not different. The society does teach us how to get the degree but what value it has in the life, no one really care about.

I am writing this blog story, after when I’d read about the AICTE declaration that PTU, SMU like course are not valid where as the colleges are claiming that AICTE is not the one who declares that….!!

refer: Many distance learning courses not recognised: AICTE

Now where the hack, we, student trust on and to whom!!!?????

Why it is so hard for us to make a searchable website that has a list of courses that are valid and invalid?

Why in first place it is allowed to open the institutes?

Why god why ? Why India is like that?

We are the best in computers and we are happy to work for others but not to make our life easy in India. If we do, obviously, we will have no corruption, and if we will not have any corruption then who will cheer for GANDHI!!!

Why god why?

What wrong, we, student has done!?

Now PTU is suggested in their website that… ”

Under Section 3 of the University Act, the Punjab Technical University is authorised to Institute and confer Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates & academic distinction. The nomenclature of all the courses is as per the University Grants Commission (UGC) norms mentioned in Section 22 of UGC Act. The university is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities. Thus the degrees and diplomas given by the Punjab Technical University stand recognized by other University on a reciprocal basic. “
refer: PTU Accreditation

No wonder that we still slave and because of this Literate = illiterate people we go for the study abroad, where the living standard has made us to go and work like a slave to them.

We are billion we should dominate on others but here we’d been dominated, we are being dominated and we are still getting dominated.

If you don’t vote , shame on you
If you do vote and just by name of Gandi giri, shame on you.

We are literate but still illiterate!

DOEACCians, do remember that the only solution of all these is your invention, creation, your efforts to clear the exam, and your efforts to achieve a special sign that east or west doeaccians are the best.

So next time, whenever you will have a question on recognition, please consider unfortunate yourself that you are run by Literate = Illiterate people. We MUST RISE and shine of our own!

DOEACCIAN has to be on TOP!

I need your support to proove that.

Please join me in this campaign.

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent any view in any way. I am not liable for anything, anyway.

Oh C , nO nO NO…. But you got to say Yes. A lesson on how to prepare for C language

Many people I have found so far is they care/ scared with C language course that is compulsory to clear. 

Doeaccian, it is not only essential that you do well with this paper but also that it is important for the entire life time opportunities… including, programmers, DBA, Analyst, Architect, or even a tester (if you know about agile testing then you will be agreed). 

I remember when I’d started working with C and I remember how difficult for me when I am not from mathematical background. I remember when someone says to me: write a program that tells you if it is a prime number or not?
My first question used to be what is prime number that I believe even the fifth standard child would know. So if you are in the same boat, don’t worry, you have a solution. If you are not then well it is much better and you can do better than me!

I am here to share with you all about the difference you can make when you are preparing for C language.

Now remember, C language is the base , I should say a Father of every language out in the market, C++, C#, Java, PHP or whatever… if you understand C nicely and write a program that what has intended to be then you are ready for the industrial jobs.

Now question comes back how to do well??

There are many tricks and some of the tricks are:

Practice: Practice is the father of ice breaker for C language. If you do practice, practice, practice, I cannot see the reason why you will do well. You can scare C through practice.

Brainstorming: You must not only encourage yourself for practice, you must try to write a one program from various different ways. I will give you a very simple example with a very simple program: 

Write a program that will take two integers input and swap it? 
Well if you know a little bit of C language you might say that just create a third variable and that’s it.
 int a, b 
int temp = a
a= b
b= temp

Well yes you are right, but…
  • How about doing the same program without third variable?
  • How about using file system to use it?
  • How about using stack to solve this problem?
  • How about using queue? 
  • How about using some other method?
  • How about using any built in method?
It is frustrating but one thing you have to remember, it is going to help you in the long run so if I were you, I would accept this frustration and move on…

Improvement: Having an experience of more than 6 years now with the programming and various different levels, guys learning has never being stopped for me and it will not stop till I die. This is what the trend of today’s world; if you want successes then you have to work hard for the entire life, provided you are not taking a government job. Well it is not about lecture on your future career, so get back to C and practice. 🙂

But hang on, the above said has a link because in any of your program that you have wrote before you need to improve. Revise revise revise…#_*

Divide and Conquer: It is same as what British people did to us and they could divide A VERY BIG Bharat.
So learn it, divide your big task. It can be big but don’t try to conquer all together.

It is time for us to divide the world the present ourselves as best in best programmers.

In my next blog, I will explain you the step by step on which book to be used, and how to take on practice.

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The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent any view in any way. I am not liable for anything, anyway.

gyanbadao says we are above IITians  has been dedicated to those who work hard for DOE courses. I know and they know that it is not only hard to clear DOE examination but also it is hard to prepare which IITians don’t need to worry about.

It is not to say IIT is small, It is to say that DOE is bigger and I will show you how at

So stay tune and focus on positive achievements that we can make through.

Operation: Gyan Badao!!

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent any view in any way. I am not liable for anything, anyway.

DOE B level project Synopsis Template

Luckily I’ve not been so bad in making documentation and thank you to my bums who have allowed me to stay overnight and work hard in front of the computer, and Microsoft Word 🙂

Regardless of what the history say, live in present guys and sharing is caring.
Here I am presenting you the template for the synopsis that you might find it useful to submit your synopsis for A or B level.

Remember, copy is okay as long as you know what you’re copying and confident to know what it is about.

Any comments welcome.

download synopsis

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent any view in any way. I am not liable for anything, anyway.