DOEACC project 'O', 'A' and 'B': How to write requirement specification?

Writing system requirement specification is the main and the first thing that you do when developing any software.At least, if you are not using Agile methodology then that is the way to go.

Create a SRS document and  then get an approval and then move on to the technical designing so on on on on ….

What you should understand is that the SRS should be:

a) Correct
b) Unambiguous
c) Complete
d) Consistent
e) Ranked for importance and/or stability
f) Verifiable
g) Modifiable
h) Traceable

But what is specification? 

In computer science, a formal specification is a mathematical description of software or hardware that may be used to develop an implementation. It describes what the system should do, not (necessarily) how the system should do it. 
You can download the specification template that I’ve used to describe about what I am going to develop in my various different projects.

Download: Specification Template 

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