Doeaccians – Preparation for Statistical EXam and recommended books

It is quite difficult sometime to find which book is good and what is the right way to approach for the exam. preparation.

Well here I am starting the steps on clearing computer based statistical & numerical techniques. I am assuming here that you don’t have enough time and probably you might have any knowledge to mathematics.
By the way, before we discuss about preparation technique, I would like to highlight one thing that – DOEACC is following a pattern for this paper. In Question No. 1 you will get 2 questions for Numerical Analysis and Question No. 2 entirely belongs to Numerical Analysis. So, you will get 26 marks from Numerical and the rest of the questions will be from Statistics.
I suggest to have depth knowledge in Numerical and if you can get 26 out of 26 from the Numerical part, the entire paper will be quite easier for you.
Well whatever my observation is above does not mean that I am always right :) 
Numerical techniques:
In this part of the examination, you will need to learn about how to calculated the big polynomial and also you can use the simpson’s to calculate integration/ area within the curve.
This section is also talking about Matrics.
So if you are well aware about Integration, polynomial and Matrics calculation, you have a benefit to achieve this section much faster. If you don’t then I recommend you to go through with this idea from R.S. Agrawal or through the youtube tutorials at
You will find tens of thousands of, very easy to understand tutorial, but you should concentrate on only those that you need to learn to understand.
In the next section of the blog series I will post some of my very important notes that I have used to make during the exam. So stay tuned.
Recommended Books/ notes:
My notes ( will be posting soon)
Videos (
Computer Based Statistical
Now it is again quite logical yet less mathematical question based section. In this section all you need to know is which statistics function you should apply.  Now you might find it there are tones of thousands of different type of statistics/ probably section that has mentioned in your syllabus. 
Well if you want you can do all of them but if you are like me than you might want to follow the following steps:
– Understand what is probability
– What is the difference between probability and statistics.
  • bayes theorm,
  • Marginal distributions, Conditional Distributions.
  • Chi square Distribution
  • Normal Distribution
  • Binomial & Poisson Distribution
  • t-distribution,
  • F-distribution
  • Central limit Theorem.
  • Hypothesis testing (all).
You might think that I’ve included everything but hang on! It is not true. There is an estimation, there is bernoullie, exponential, gamma etc… you don’t need to understand how to use them but you MUST remember their formulas that I will also post them soon.
Recommended Books:
Don’t get a trap on “Schaum’s Easy Outline of Probability and Statistics Crash Course” this is the one of the book you might want to consider it when you have an expeirence with the course already. You can use this as a reference but not for purely preparation.
Some might say you about “Mathematical Statistics – S.C. Gupta & V.K. Kapoor – Sultan Chand & Sons“. Folks, it might be easy for you to follow if you are studying through some institute but if you are doing the same thing with yourself, I doubt if it is a right choice. In this book you will learn so much that you don’t need it and it does not talk about practical scenarios.
You should look for the book which gives you practical from the day one. And I will recommend you to buy Problem solver, statistics.
There is another book that I’ve used is called — ahh I don’t remember the name I will post the book name tomorrow, for sure!!!

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