ELMAH Vs. Log4Net

  ELMAH Log4Net
  Can go complex if you don’t know what are you after Easier to use as compare to Elmah.
  ELMAH will help you to catch any unhandled exception and store them in order to be checked. Log4Net will do what you will ask it to do. Hence you will have to write the code.
  ELMAH can only be used with Web based application. Log4Net can be used with any windows form/ console application. It can also be used with web based application.
  A very good solution for “Screen of Death”: It can just log.
  It can only be used for exception messages I can be used for any kind of logging.


Practically speaking, we need both.

And that is why it will be great if we can something in between who can pass out the message from one to another.


The ELMAH-Appender is what it does. It communicate with the ELMAH library on behalf of Log4Net. So we can use Log4Net like LogManager.GetLogger(typeof(MvcApplication)).Info(“<message>”).


For more details please refer: https://nuget.org/packages/elmahappender_log4net/