Git: Renaming myfile to MyFile on case insensitive file systems, such as Windows System.


gitiwinIt all started when I wanted to change one solution file name from to ESD.Wealth.Services.sln.

I thought it is going to be as easy as renaming a file in the operating system and then I can push my changes. However, it was not that easy with my Windows machine and Gits.

I could manage to change file name in my file system. Then git could not identified these changes.

Then, I could sense that it has something to do with case insensitivity of the file name in Windows.


After researching a bit I found this link. It tells you about how easy it is to change the folder name:

git mv foldername tempname && git mv tempname folderName

So I applied the same with my file.

git mv esd.wealth.sevices1.sln && git mv esd.wealth.services1.sln ESD.Wealth.Sevices.sln

Now I can see my changes and it is ready to push.

Is it not simple ?



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