Goal Map – Computer Based Statistical & Numerical Techniques

The reason why many fail in life is that they have no plan of action that can take them from their dreams and insure a future of happiness and prosperity.

In this part of blogging I am going to share my own goal map that I am defining to achieve this exam… if you are on same position, please share your thoughts and let us just achieve.

“Computer Based Statistical & Numerical Techniques” (CBSNT) Course.

The entire course is divided in two two categories:

1) Numerical Techniques
2) Statistical Techniques.

In this blog I’m going to define the road map and the path I’m going to follow for this exam, which is going to be on 11 April 2010, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

Numerical Techniques can be explained very well from Mr. Autar video that he has explained every concepts very well with fair examples. He has also given notes on his blog.

You can find all his videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/numericalmethodsguy#g/p
and notes can be found at http://numericalmethods.eng.usf.edu/

Goal Map:

  • Data Representation – ignored because since 90’s DOE has never asked any question.
  • System of Linear Algebraic Equations – 25 April 2010
  • Interpolation – 26 April 2010
  • Numerical Integration – 26 April 2010
Statistical Techniques:

As per the Amazon reviews, I’ve found the “Statisticsbook written by Freedman, Pisani, Purves. It has explained the statistics without using any mathematical terms. While I’d only read the first chapter, I’ve found this book interesting because the humor is used, which has made it interesting to read this further. Even though this book has got 506 pages I’m expecting to finish this within a month, along with the course contents.

I’m also following couple of more books:

  • Probability & Statistics for Engineers, by Irwin Miller.
  • Head first statistics.
  • S.C. Gupta Fundamental of Statistics.

Goal Map:

Probability Theory – 27th – 30th April