How I've prepared for DOEACC Basic Mathematics Exam.

I’m not from Maths background and I’d last saw maths in 1996.

This was my first attempt for Basic Mathematics and I’d to take a long break from the job. I did not worked for almost 2 months and just studied Maths. The reason I am telling you is that Basic mathematics can be hard for the person like me who was never good at Mathematics and never saw mathematics for last 14 years.

Actions taken by me:

From March 2009 till Oct 2009, studied myself from Class XI , X, XII NCRT books. You can download these very easily from the Internet. Side by side , use reference book to understand the problem and the solution.

Keep doing practice.

Make a list of formula and paste it on the wall. Whenever you will get the time just read them. I’d someone here who always motivate me to keep going because it can be very frustrating too.

Then after Nov 2009, I was not working and I’d tutor to explain me and give me his 10-15 years of knowledge in 2 months.

Keep doing practice. Ask only those questions to the tutor that you cannot solve yourself.

I’ve almost studied 12-15 hours a day , could not bath , could not even like to see the sun. Just sitting in the room.

Regardless of what grade I will get in this exam, I’m happy that I’ve achieved this. I’m happy that I’ve studied enough on things that I used to see and get cranky.

I’m not affraid of this subject any more

Now I know

Trigno, Matrices, Differentials, Integration, oh just almost everything…

Thank you very much for DOEACC to build people’s ground and that is why this course is competing with IITians.

Okay , coming back to your question:

Take NCERT first’ depending upon which subject you want to read.
Take R.S. Aggrawal of XI, XII.

Practice Practice Practice.

Whenever the negative feeling will come that you cannot do it. just smash your hand on your thigh and say hey I CAN DO THAT!!!

and then dammate do it. !!!

I think I will just shut my mouth now 😉

Operation: Gyan Badao

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