How to save the PRECIOUS – “WATER”

Humans have evolved and have been sustaining since many decades. We have managed to find a way to the Moon. However, the are still basic needs that human being cannot replace or achieve without nature help. It includes the air we take to the water. The water has always been precious to us. If we recall many recent news, or a talk from our Prime minister “Mann Ki Baat” that we have been facing drought in many places.

Today we are getting in our ears about water problems in states like; Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, all are struggling to get sufficient water; In Maharashtra, farmers have stopped growing crops needing high amount of water. In states of Bihar & Gujarat, practises like rainwater harvesting, drip – irrigation, sprinklers have been adopted.

We always have an attitude that how can I change something that has been happening everywhere, but someone has to start. Let us quickly look at the future: Population by 2050; 8 billion for which 1% of water is estimated to exist. This is enough to explain that there is problem.


How can we help?

Let’s have a look onto our daily water driven activities:

Bath – There is no hard and fast rule that the Shower bath saves more water than Bucket bath. With the help of advanced techniques on Showers, now one can save more water than using a Bucket Bath. On the other hand bucket bath can probably gives you more control on when to pour the water


Fig (a): Bathing
  • Washing – Here again there is no preferable option toward whether hand wash is better over machine wash. According to my experience wash full load of cloths in         machine. Clean your car or any vehicle with dry cloth twice. Use the rinsed cloth and clean your car. With this approach a small bucket of water is enough.When air conditioner is defrosted, releases a large amount of water that can be used for various basic activities such as floor cleaning etc…
  • Plantation – instead of watering plants with pipes, sprinklers can be used. Two effective techniques can be used :(1) RAINWATER HARVESTING: accumulation of water from rain which can be used for purposes relating to garden and irrigation.(2) GREY WATER HARVESTING; water from hand wash and other purposes can be used for flushing which can save 30 – 35% wastage everyday.
    Fig (b): Rainwater harvesting.
    Fig (c): Grey water Harvesting.







Conclusion: My culture allow me to call River as Mother. I, as a child of the house, is responsible that my parents understand that. I request you all of you to go and think about what you can do within your house that can save a precious “WATER”.


I encourage you to go through with the attached 5 minutes video.