Nodejs tools


By default node process needs to be restarted for picking any change in your JS file. Thus, every time there is a change, you will need to stop node process and start it again.

You can automate this task by using nodemon npm package. This package will monitor any changes and it restart your application

npm install nodemon -g

Once the installation is completed you can start your node process by this command:

nodemon app.js

That’s it!

Now, as soon you will do some changes in your app.js, it will restart the process for you.


Another most important tool that you would like to use during your development is node-inspector. This tool will allow you to debug your node development.

Install this tool by this command:

npm install node-inspector -g

Then call this package with this command:

node-inspector app.js --debug

Another way to run your process in debug is:

node-debug app.js

Using Node-Inspector and Nodemon together:

You can use both packages together by using this command:

node-inspector & nodemon --debug app.js