Note to a Software Developer – Series


A little bit of a background

Today software development is not same as what it used to be.  In last few years, we have come long way. Technology has changed the way we operate our life. Changing from CRT to LED, Desktop computers to handheld devices, and now we are going toward eyes that can compute for you (Google eyes). It is wise to say that Technology has touched billions of hearts.

As a developer, technology affect me first then user. Every day I hear about new tools and techniques – a new way of solving same problems. I have to keep on the top of everything and deliver the best solutions as I can. Now, the question that I have asked myself is – Can technology knowledge is the only reason that can keep us on job or there is something else that can also makes the difference?

This article is about self-realization and asking this question – What quality I should maintain that can help me in my career?

Why you may read this article?

Just like me, you must be putting all your energy in keeping up with new technologies with the belief that it will lead us to the right career path and I believe that we need to think this belief again. There are other, most critical, factors that we must adapt to be hired by next Gen Business.

This series is about giving you some insights on career progression that every Software Developer needs to know

The whole series is divided into 6 parts termed as Six Sigma.

six sigma


I prefer to give an importance on Agility first over anything else and that is why it is on the top. However, I will share my thoughts on it at last.

Please feel free to read through any section.

1. Agility (coming soon)
2. Technology Selection
3. Personal Growth
4. Representative (coming soon)
5. Brand – Branding yourself (coming soon)
6 .Interaction (coming soon)