Note to a Software Developer – Sigma 2: Technology Selection

This article is the part of a series - Note to a Software Developer Six Sigma. Before you read this article, I highly recommend you to read my introduction note.


As I have explained to you in my series note that there are total six main areas for career progression.

Relevance check, sigma 2, is about to identifying, authenticating and authorizing best technology that should be used for your project. In this article I am going to emphasis three main points that can be used as your checkpoints in technology selection process.

1. Relevance Check

Every now and then there is a new technology coming into the market. It is trying to resolve one problem that another may not solve. Thus, it is always advisable to check the relevance of the technology that you would want to work on and would like to encourage in your organization.

Just because it is hot in the market does not mean it is the best, even if solves current problem. The best example from my experience is Silverlight that was just adapted because of Leader of the origination (Microsoft) felt that it is one of the best way to go; we all know that “Silverlight” is dead in technology.

 Select what is best for your project, instead of what is best for you – this thought will lead you to be an Architect.

2. Maturity Level

You don’t want to select just any technology because you know what it is. You should check its age that how mature it is to adapt, who is backing up this technology and how soon any bugs are fixed.

As an example, which Javascript framework would you select – Knockout, AngularJS, EmberJS and now Sweet.js.

You got to check the selected technology, future, and most importantly check on how your selection will make an impact on Software Maintenance.

I do agreed that today’s technology will obsolete tomorrow. However, the foundation should be irreversible. Now what I meant with the foundation that the Web services will exist but not DCOM, or Remoting.

 Technology should be backed by solid foundation.

3. Make informative decision

Do use informational rather emotional decision that you tend to make. You will affect many lives and the future of your company (feeding many families). You don’t introduce any technology just because you feel it is correct. You should be unbiased on making the most crucial decision on technology selection process.


 Come with the facts, and time-box your finding.


technology selection

Message: You are Scientist.

In conclusion, the technology you select will define the success of  your project. Most importantly, it will affect your future as well. Hence, we must define the process of selecting a right technology.

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