Oh C , nO nO NO…. But you got to say Yes. A lesson on how to prepare for C language

Many people I have found so far is they care/ scared with C language course that is compulsory to clear. 

Doeaccian, it is not only essential that you do well with this paper but also that it is important for the entire life time opportunities… including, programmers, DBA, Analyst, Architect, or even a tester (if you know about agile testing then you will be agreed). 

I remember when I’d started working with C and I remember how difficult for me when I am not from mathematical background. I remember when someone says to me: write a program that tells you if it is a prime number or not?
My first question used to be what is prime number that I believe even the fifth standard child would know. So if you are in the same boat, don’t worry, you have a solution. If you are not then well it is much better and you can do better than me!

I am here to share with you all about the difference you can make when you are preparing for C language.

Now remember, C language is the base , I should say a Father of every language out in the market, C++, C#, Java, PHP or whatever… if you understand C nicely and write a program that what has intended to be then you are ready for the industrial jobs.

Now question comes back how to do well??

There are many tricks and some of the tricks are:

Practice: Practice is the father of ice breaker for C language. If you do practice, practice, practice, I cannot see the reason why you will do well. You can scare C through practice.

Brainstorming: You must not only encourage yourself for practice, you must try to write a one program from various different ways. I will give you a very simple example with a very simple program: 

Write a program that will take two integers input and swap it? 
Well if you know a little bit of C language you might say that just create a third variable and that’s it.
 int a, b 
int temp = a
a= b
b= temp

Well yes you are right, but…
  • How about doing the same program without third variable?
  • How about using file system to use it?
  • How about using stack to solve this problem?
  • How about using queue? 
  • How about using some other method?
  • How about using any built in method?
It is frustrating but one thing you have to remember, it is going to help you in the long run so if I were you, I would accept this frustration and move on…

Improvement: Having an experience of more than 6 years now with the programming and various different levels, guys learning has never being stopped for me and it will not stop till I die. This is what the trend of today’s world; if you want successes then you have to work hard for the entire life, provided you are not taking a government job. Well it is not about lecture on your future career, so get back to C and practice. 🙂

But hang on, the above said has a link because in any of your program that you have wrote before you need to improve. Revise revise revise…#_*

Divide and Conquer: It is same as what British people did to us and they could divide A VERY BIG Bharat.
So learn it, divide your big task. It can be big but don’t try to conquer all together.

It is time for us to divide the world the present ourselves as best in best programmers.

In my next blog, I will explain you the step by step on which book to be used, and how to take on practice.

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