PTU, SMU degrees are valid for DOEACCians? Only god knows, not Indians!

Here we are in the 22nd century, but fighting for the rights that we MUST have long time ago. Whatever the history has done to us, it cannot be changed.

We were gulam of outsiders, and now we are gulam of:

– Corruption
– Gandhi Giri
– Literate = Illiterate

Folks, I am not here to discuss any political matter but I am trying to link here how the governance that we have in our own country is affecting our future. We all know about corruption and gandhi giri stuff, so I will not waste my time to explain on these but for the last point “Literate = Illiterate” you must read this below:

It has been asked so many time in DOEACC forums, such as that whether we are allowed to do degree courses through literal entries, provided by PTU, SMU. Many of us have done courses and many of us have succeed. But when the question comes on recognition, we are still not clear???!!!

To whom we should ask this question?


In India, either we are literate or illiterate, it is not different. The society does teach us how to get the degree but what value it has in the life, no one really care about.

I am writing this blog story, after when I’d read about the AICTE declaration that PTU, SMU like course are not valid where as the colleges are claiming that AICTE is not the one who declares that….!!

refer: Many distance learning courses not recognised: AICTE

Now where the hack, we, student trust on and to whom!!!?????

Why it is so hard for us to make a searchable website that has a list of courses that are valid and invalid?

Why in first place it is allowed to open the institutes?

Why god why ? Why India is like that?

We are the best in computers and we are happy to work for others but not to make our life easy in India. If we do, obviously, we will have no corruption, and if we will not have any corruption then who will cheer for GANDHI!!!

Why god why?

What wrong, we, student has done!?

Now PTU is suggested in their website that… ”

Under Section 3 of the University Act, the Punjab Technical University is authorised to Institute and confer Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates & academic distinction. The nomenclature of all the courses is as per the University Grants Commission (UGC) norms mentioned in Section 22 of UGC Act. The university is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities. Thus the degrees and diplomas given by the Punjab Technical University stand recognized by other University on a reciprocal basic. “
refer: PTU Accreditation

No wonder that we still slave and because of this Literate = illiterate people we go for the study abroad, where the living standard has made us to go and work like a slave to them.

We are billion we should dominate on others but here we’d been dominated, we are being dominated and we are still getting dominated.

If you don’t vote , shame on you
If you do vote and just by name of Gandi giri, shame on you.

We are literate but still illiterate!

DOEACCians, do remember that the only solution of all these is your invention, creation, your efforts to clear the exam, and your efforts to achieve a special sign that east or west doeaccians are the best.

So next time, whenever you will have a question on recognition, please consider unfortunate yourself that you are run by Literate = Illiterate people. We MUST RISE and shine of our own!

DOEACCIAN has to be on TOP!

I need your support to proove that.

Please join me in this campaign.

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