Results without Authority

  • Even though leaders have got the authority, ordering people to do something is unlikely to result in them really wanting to do it.Using command-and-control authority to force people to do things that they don’t want to do results in resentment and demotivation.Malicious compliance is also a risk; people may find ways to appear to cooperate while actually harming the project.If generals and admirals cannot always expect automatic obedience, what chance does a project leader have?
  • “WII FM” – What’s in it for me? Leaders in any field invest the time to understand what the peole they are working with really care about. Effective project leaders identify opportunities to align what the project needs with what the individuals want to do, and they assign responsibility for project activities accordingly.
  • Only one project charter should be maintained. Any new request that is conflicting with will be denied.
  • Motivation has got six areas: achievement, recognition, the work itself,¬†responsibilities, advancement and growth.
  • Influence ProcessDocument your objective > Identify who could do the work ¬†>Evaluate your options and select the best person > Consider the other person’s perspective > Possibilities for exchange ¬†> Meet with the other person > Verify your assumptions and determine what to exchange > Request a commitment > Document the agreement > Deliver on your offer and track the work to completion.