Solutions for Team Conflict

By Renee Evenson.

Reference: ToastMaster – Sept 2012

When you arm yourself with the skills to meet conflict head on and work quickly and effectively to resolve problems, you will gain respect as an involved leader who is committed to being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


View every conflict as an opportunity.

Conflict is a natural component in all relationships and should be welcomed. “Without resolution, resentments stay below the surface and magnify. When conflict resolution allows for good discussion, those involved can begin to move ahead.”

Anticipate problems and deal with them immediately.

Become an active observer and communicator; stay involved and watch for things that are not right. Be aware of coworkers who suddenly become negative, quiet, agitated or upset as this is often a sign of conflict.

Communication is key to resolving conflict.

Miscommunication is often at the root of arguments, so it makes sense that good communication is the key to resolving them. Resolving conflict effectively is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Listen and Question;

2. Decide and Plan

3. Respond and Resolve.

Always remain calm and in control.

Suggestion is to back up, take a deep breath and consider your response. Learning not to be reactive will help slow y our racing heart and racing thoughts.

It has worked quite well when it has been applied. People who believe in power control system, it is advisable to follow it and see the way they will talk with you in the future.

They will understand that there is no reaction from your side when there is a bad behaviour. However, you still welcome their good behaviour.

The same has been explained wisely by Gautam Buddha