The most valuable Asset – Agile team – Rules


  1. Be conscious of your current level of productivity and happiness and make continual changes to grow.
  2. People are at their best when they are healthy, energized, focused and at ease. Design your day to day activities to enrich your mental, physical and professional selve.
  3. Work on yourself just like you do on a project. Plan the necessary disengagement from the project just as carefully as you’d plan the time you work on it. If you can systematically improve and expand your skills, then whether the project works out or not, you’ll always be in an increasingly better position as the weeks and months pass.
  4. Share early in the decision process to avoid big revelation.
  5. Focus on listening rather than responding. Take the approach that everything is a hypothesis and you could be wrong. You are suggestive rather than instructive, replacing phrases such as “certainly”, “undoubtedly” with “perhaps”, “I think” and “my intuition right now”.
  6. Talk, code, design and write in a clear way instead of being clever.
  7. Admit when you are wrong.
  8. Respect each other’s time and space, if someone has their headphones on don’t physically disturb them,¬†ping them on Chat or through another onilne medium, create a task if you have a question.
  9. Make decisions based on facts over rank.
  10. Open to be responsible over blame culture.
  11. Remove any negative thoughts over the coffee/ tea or a beer Рwe are family.
  12. Open to change. We may know what is right but may be there is a better way to do something.
  13. Wake up fresh and work with clear and focused mind over working that extra hour in the end of the day. Always aim to be fully engaged in an activity or rest instead. Focus on expanding the capacity of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy (yes, spiritual).
  14. It is everyone’s responsibility to make every day fun.
  15. Don’t be afraid to actively seek out and provide constructive criticism.
  16. Have the courage to think differently and discuss your inner thoughts with others.
  17. Committed to excellence in everything that we do and a clear understanding that the only way we can get there is as a team.
  18. Always try to put a positive spin on things.
  19. Do what we say we are going to do.
  20. Be humble.
Teamwork without email
  1. About to write an email. Write a task comment instead.
  2. Need to ask a question or get an updated file. Create a task.
  3. Have a team announcement. Publish on a blog or Wiki.
You are the business
  1. You are run your own business and just like any business owner you want your business to succeed. Share your thoughts on how you believe the business might succeed.
  2. Fix the problems even if they are not yours.
  3. Don’t complain, suggest solutions.
  4. Treat “failures” as opportunities for growth.
  5. Understanding the bigger picture of the business even if it is not directly related to the work we do.
When we miss a deadline we ask questions
  1. We underestimated the time it would take. Why? We didn’t have the right tools. Why? By the time you get to your fifth why you get the root of the problem. Then you can better avoid the same issue in the future.