Tips #2 Problem connecting with nuget.


For some reason I could not connect with the nuet from my visual studio. I was getting an error from package installer console, so the manage console for this project IDE.


It came into light that there is a proxy issue because in my organisation the proxy is configured in IE settings.

Hence I have to set the same settings for devenv configuration too.


1. Open devenv.exe.config of your Visual Studio configuration; in my case it is Visual Studio 2013 and it is located at: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0Common7IDE

2. Now open this text file, you should be running an editor program as admin, and add the node „<defaultProxy>“ inside the node „<>“.

 <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials=“true“ enabled=“true“>
 <proxy bypassonlocal=”true” proxyaddress=”http://yourproxyaddres...” />

In the attribute “proxyaddress” you can specify the address and port of your proxy server.