Why you should use Apple TV for your next presentation?

Why you should use Apple TV for your next presentation?


Is it not great that I can just use my mobile phone to start the presentation and do everything without any wire?

Well, here I have just bought the product called “Apple Tv”; it is just fantastic that I can connect any IPAD, IPHONE (where the device has got the presentation/ document). The main benefit I find is that I don’t need to know how to operate other’s device or find the way to transfer the document to present.

Why you should use Apple TV?

  • Handcuffing¬†Wiring someone to a projector or TV is the pits
  • There are cable compatibility issues
  • It takes time and is inconvenient
  • If you’re still using VGA or less, the quality is awful
  • Tablets can’t be connected without even more adapters
  • Audio remains at the device
  • Changing presenters is another fiasco

While you can still go wireless using a projector, here is why you should go with TV over projector:

  • Good projectors are more expensive than good TV’s today
  • Projectors commonly have resolution restrictions (think huge icons,small workspace)
  • Projectors have long warmup times, leveling, and focusing issues
  • Projectors are very sensitive to lighting conditions
  • Projection screens are a pain, using a wall is not ideal


I must say that the IPAD + Apple TV + iCloud is the perfect combination for your presentation anywhere.