Working full-time? Need to clear exam? You need Time management


It is quite well known that some of us are already working in some company and at the same time we are struggling to finish DOEACC courses.

I’ve been in this situation many times and I’ve struggled to maintain a high esteem in my job as well as preparing for the examination. The preparation of the exams will depends on how much you have already known for the subject. So I will divide the examinations into two types:

1. Experienced exams

2. NO experienced exams

Experienced Exams

I’d been lucky to find the job in software development @ 2002, and being in this Industry for years and years, it have gave me a natural strength to prepare some of the DOEACC exams. Such exams can be noted as Project Management, e-commerce, networking and security, C++, ODBMS programming etc…

I’ve been very pleased to work in such examination preparation with the following methods:

– Get a list of suggested books from the DOEACC.

– Arrange a book from libraries, online libraries or from the book shop.

– Get a syllabus from the DOEACC website

– Start from the subject, mentioned in the syllabus and read about it from the Book.

– Create notes.

Once you are ready with the notes, you must go through and refresh your memory, after every week/ or bi-monthly. If it is theoretical exam then you do need to do writing practice.

This writing practice might feel you funny but I must mention here that it is important that we take this step very seriously because I’d a very bad experience with Networking and Mobile communication examination.

I’d failed this examination 2 times and later I’d realized that even though I’ve good notes, prepared from 4 books (you can buy those by writing me), it is not helping me much in when the time is to write answer in the exam. So it is always advisable that to “learn from others mistake”.

Guys, do read but always write the stuff as well. So practice.

No Experienced exams

Such exams are those where we don’t have prior experience nor any knowledge from the school. To me such exams are C++, C, Data Structure, Basic Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting.

Well to me it has been a very hard to clear these exams and I was very lucky to get a good teacher for C++, C, Data Structure. However, for Mathematics, statistics I was not that lucky.

So what should be the way?

– Practice, Practice, Practice

It does not matter what you do, what you are doing, or what you will do.

Such exams can only be cleared through practice. For more on how I’ve prepared for C, please refer this link:

For mathematics, please refer this link:

Another thing that you must care about is the time management and here is the tips link: Time Management Tips

Here are some excel sheet that I’ve used to track my preparation and also with weekly time management tracking.

Week Time Management sheet

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